Whisk Wednesday: Mouclade

Of course, disaster photos, too much garnish, chipped dish and messy sauce results must still be posted. I have to say at least none of those things effected the finished dish!

Mouclade - Mussels with Wine and Cream Sauce

I think we were just supposed to eat mussels with the cream sauce. It seemed small to us so I added some freshly made fettucine to soak up some of the extra sauce. GREAT dinner. I love mussels. They are versatile, inexpensive and can take on a variety of flavors from mild creams to garlic and tomato. This was a fresh seafood, bright tasting dish and it reminds me to grab mussels more often from the seafood department. This dish was seasoned with a bit of thyme which I loved with the mussels. Note to future recipes, thyme & mussels = good news.

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Michelle said…
I was going to skip this recipe but maybe I should give it a try. Your looks good and with your thumbs up, I'll get some mussels next week.
Kayte said…
Oh, I want some of these with the pasta! What a great combination that would be. You are much too critical of yourself...it all looks wonderful!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Kayte...I wouldn't have caught the chip in the dish if you hadn't mentioned it...and one woman's garnish is another's veggie! You make this sound worth doing...now, if I could only FIND mussels!
Shari said…
This definitely needed something to soak up that wonderful sauce. Love your green parsley in the photo!

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