Whisk Wednesday: Huitres Chaudes au Muscadet

Oysters! Can't beat a recipe with oysters. I really love them. I don't cook them at home, but if I go to a great seafood restaurant, then I definitely order them.

This recipe should be reserved for special occassions because it's very rich and a few go a long way. The oysters were poached, laid in their shells with freshly steamed spinach and topped with a muscadet sabayon sauce. Delicious!

Muscadet: a dry white wine. I went in search of Muscadet. When I got to my favorite gourmet store, they were all out. But the Sommelier was telling me how Muscadet, grown on the ocean, has a hint, ever so suttle, of the salt water which is grows near. Also, Muscadet is perfect with oysters. YESSSS!! Come back tomorrow he said, the Muscadet will be delivered. Perfect.

I really enjoyed the muscadet and I think definitely don't skip that wine. It was perfect with the oysters and I will try that again.

Beautiful meal. Served with crusty, freshly made bread to sop up a bit of extra sauce. Very, very good.


Michelle said…
Oh wow, I'll have to look for the Muscadet wine. I didn't have time to look around but will keep my eyes open for it.

Your oysters look perfect!
Anonymous said…
That's it. I'm definitely hunting down the Muscadet. When I read it was perfect for oysters, I knew I'd have to give it a go, but you've got me convinced! They look marvelous!
Wow Melissa, that's a lot of oysters. So glad you enjoyed them.
Kayte said…
We got a pricy bottle of French Muscadet as I wondered if it would make the difference in the recipe...not sure if it did, but it was wonderful and I could taste it in the sauce...and we had a little with the oysters as well and it was the perfect match. I love your tray of oysters...so impressive. Thanks for all the encouragement on doing these as I wasn't going to until I read your note on the Whisk email group and that got me very excited to try them. I am so happy that I did! You are right...these are very rich, but I just added a small amount of sauce to each one, so I think that was better than just floating them in it! At least that is what I am telling myself. Yours look wonderful, and you are such encouragement for me!
Shari said…
I agree that this was rich, but worth the few bites. Very memorable taste experience. And Muscadet is my new wine friend. Loved it.

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