Meditteranean Sea Bass / Bronzi

Blinders? Do you have your blinders on??? EEEK. It's not the photographer. The photographer captured the "chefs" freaky meal all on her very own. (Pssst...I am the photographer and the chef). Guess I shouldn't quit my day job.

But wait....good news!

This was great!!
GREAT??? It looks...uh...scary.
Well okay, so I need help and practice with whole fish. I must explain.

This week's Whisk Wednesday meal was for Meditteranean Sea Bass, baked, served with sauteed mushrooms and a cream sauce. DELECTABLE! Ugly, but tasty.

My favorite gourmet store recommended Bronzi. A bass from Greece, very similar to Meditteranean Sea Bass. Did you know that you cannot exchange Chilean Sea Bass for Meditteranean Sea Bass? Me neither. The things you learn.

Another, wonderful, meal adventure described as only beautiful to the palate but not to the eyes!


Anonymous said…
Ok, I'll agree with you...not the prettiest dish, but as long as it's tasty! Good job!
Michelle said…
My bass looked pretty scary too. But the batteries were low in my camera so no pictures of my WW dish this week.

The sauce was so good!
Shari said…
This was delicious! I'm impressed with what you learned about bass this week! Thanks for letting me know about that.
Anonymous said…
This was very are absolutely right. I was so impressed with you doing a whole fish and all, and thinking, "Wow, she is really doing well at all of this...look at all the extra effort she goes to, etc." and then I read your word "scary" and burst out are so funny. I was sort of thinking the same thing...that I wouldn't be able to do a whole fish as it would scare the heck out of everyone around here...LOL. You did a great job!

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